Sell A Mining Property

We work with one of the worlds leading industrial auction companies, who have many years experience in selling mining industry assets. They will market your mining property or equipment to major companies in the mining & metals industry worldwide and handle every aspect of the sales process.

Selling mining properties at auction, in a competitive bidding environment with numerous qualified and motivated buyers, is a proven method of attaining the best possible asking price in a short time frame. We can assist in the sale of all types of mines.

If you are interested in selling your mine at auction, please contact us using the form below and we will send you further details - all without any obligation of course.

Sell Mining Plant & Equipment

We can also assist you with sales of mining plant and equipment - whether you just wish to sell 1-2 items of machinery, or liquidate an entire mining operation - please send us details of the mining equipment you wish to sell using the form below.


Fees will only be charged after a successful sale has taken place and your mining property or equipment has been sold. There will usually be no cost to the seller 'up front', except in cases where a property is very difficult to market, when an initial amount to cover expenses may be requested.

Contact us for further details on the service we can offer, and the fees involved, using the form below ...

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If you are a principal, we will assist you to sell your mining property by working with an auction company that is experienced in the divestment of mining industry assets - or by working with a specialist mining brokerage service.

I am a broker/intermediary, the mining property I wish to sell is owned by my clients.

If you are a broker/intermediary we can only assist you if you wish to refer your client to the auction company or specialist mining brokerage that we work with.

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